I’m out for a few days now – not literally; they expect the drugs to wear off by the end of the day, but I am advised not to operate a vehicle or use stairs for the rest of the day. Good Lord, how blotto will I be? Should I pin my address on my shirt in case I wander off? If I’m found face down in the creek Thursday night, you’ll know what happened, but I don’t think it will come to that.

Right now I’m in the not-drinking-or-eating phase, which really annoys. m Doctor! Stop the operation! I think he consumed water and a Tic Tac 11 hours and 54 minutes ago. This upends my entire evening schedule, my modus vivendi, my way of doing things My Way, and it’s probably . . . good. Nice to do something different, I guess.

As much as I'd love to live up to my Bleat obligations here, I'm just not in the mood. Not particularly nervous about tomorrow; I'm simply looking forward to it being done with. So after writing buzz.mn today I just sat at my desk and futzed with the website. Ended up to be quite productive, actually. The world was not clamoring for a cleaned-up Diner site, but I have promised something for a year or so now.

Here it is. The surviving tapes of the KSTP AM 1500 1997 Diner. There's about 25 hours or so. Commercials, newsbreaks, and of course the Dark Chef behind the controls the grill.

Man, I'm hungry.

If that's not to your liking - and why you wouldn't want to listen to a solid day of old radio, I've no idea - we have some Minneapolis updates. There's the old New York Life Insurance building, and the 1960 modernist gem - or ordinary old mid-century corporate HQ, if you lean that way - once known as the First National Bank. The first leads to the second, as you'll see.

Gah! I have to go lick an Altoid, or something.

I'm watching a movie to keep my mind busy while I flit between this and Friday's newspaper column - I'm just assuming I'll have no brainpower tomorrow - and it's pretty good. Fans of "The Office" will recognize the star, Jan Levinson from Corporate:

Actually, no - it's Jeanne Crain, who was quite a number. The movie is "Dangerous Crossing," in which a woman boards a ship with her husband, can't find her husband, insists she was staying in another room, and comes to believe everything is an elaborate plot against her. Which it is, so she has that going for her. It's a nice diversion, and it makes the evening pass. When it is done I will wake and take the pills and head into the happy fog.

Off to get a new maw! See you in a day, or two.