Creepy all around. Creepy little red-headed creep on the right. I like the way you treat your darkies, suh. Mah friends are partial to the beatin' style, but you have a gentle way. I'm not saying this is a pro-slavery ad; previous advertisements for the brand said "Famous since 1865," as if the distillery was founded the exact moment the War Between the States concluded, and everyone was instantly made equal and whole again.

I'm not sure what it means to be a blend of straight whiskeys; at some point early in the process, the whiskeys would be blended, and straightness quite irrelevant. Perhaps other whiskeys were a blend of blended whiskeys. Johnny Walker Blue is a blend of over 60 whiskeys; if you added drop of Paul Jones it would be a blend of blended whiskeys, but it would still be spectacularly good. But I'm rambling.