Welcome to Jesup! We’re probably not missing another S.

History: "By February 1869, Willis Clary had begun building a two-story hotel near the junction of Macon and Brunswick Railroad and the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad and four stores had sprung up in the area.  Clary became a driving force for the establishment of what would become Jesup and was its first mayor."

10,000 Souls.

Label scar: check. Ornamental lighting with brackets for the colorful banners announcing something: check. Sickly tree: check.

Empty store: check.

Not A Berry Patch; THE Berry Patch. The 50s / early 60s facade is quite attractive - no, really, it is. These things modernized an old downtown, brought a new spirit.


If I had to bet whether the Berry Patch was the original store after the remodeling, I’d be hesitant to say it was, and hesitant to say it wasn’t. The lettering suggests it was.


"Let's go downtown to shop! You can see so many shingles."

YES. The O’Quinn building.


But what the devil was it built to hold? What’s that peculiar entrance?

The primary tenant of the the O’Quinn Building, the Strand Theatre opened in 1924 with 894 seats. Theatre builders of this time typically rented space adjoining their theatres as it was considered prime real estate. The Strand was transformed into a two-screen theatre in 1988 and closed in 2009.

Missing some terra-cotta, alas:

It's a dinner theater now.


There was an older building underneath,but it wasn’t anything special.

When the tiles start falling off and no one puts them back up, it sends a signal that contradicts the trees. If you know what I mean.

Spot the strange, myserious pole!

Next door: a mummy.


It doesn’t take long to figure out what’s odd, and wonder what’s going on here.

If you can explain those windows, you no doubt possess some rarified knowledge of the times. I'm baffled.

Around the corner. It’s been gone a long time, but the scar hasn’t healed.


Finally: this sums up many a small-town downtown, unfortunately.

It’s the pot placed just so that makes me smile, though.