Welcome to Detroit, again.

I find the ruins of this city endlessly fascinating, and dismaying. The big ruins get all the press, but it’s the old commercial streets that have been scoured and blasted that give



A nice little Moderne structure, still in use. Glass blocks! The windows of the future!

A few years ago . . .

And a recent view.

Always a comforting sign when an old church is still in business.


Go on, try. Make it something plausible. I can’t. Perhaps the windows and door faced an alley that no longer exists - but it’s obvious something else was built and then destroyed. Fire? Gravity?


Let’s revisit a building from a week or so ago.



Since I took the snaps, the Google Car returned. The return of the neighborhood to green grass continues:

Another example. 2013:

And today.

We’ll end with this. Imagine the stories and lives that played out in this elegant old apartment store.

Only one story left, and that’s the one about the day it finally falls.


That’ll do for Detroit, for a while.