This month we look at four towns, the Quad Cities of the Iron Range. Virginia was named after the state - many of the lumbermen who settled in the area were from Virginia, it seems. Almost nine thousand residents, down from 15K in 1960. It's the birthplace of Chris Pratt. whose father worked the mines until that business dwindled.

In the "arts and culture" section of its Wikipedia entry, there's this:

Eveleth at one time was one of a handful of U.S. cities with side-by-side water towers labeled "HOT" and "COLD". Eveleth no longer has two such water towers.

Drat. Well, let's see what's left.

I'll bet it was handsome, once. It is honest and plain. The lower floor - well, who knows? The "stone" may well be fake - note the way the shadows are exactly the same, as if it's a texture in a 1990s computer game.

You know, of course, what this was:

Probably a gas station, because it's at an angle on a corner. It just doesn't look like it had a gas station configuration, does it?

Here's the answer:

In one end, out the other. Haven't seen that before.

By "Drive-In," Marge seemed to me "drive over, park, get out, walk in."

Although I may be wrong. I can't see anything that looks like a drive-thru window, but there's a driveway that wraps around the building.

Maybe they had car hops who roller-skated hooch out to the customers.

Looks like Margie is quite the player in the hospitality sector:

Not any Roosevelt Bar. Margie's Roosevelt Bar. Says one review:

As with any Range bar, the pours are epic and will knock amateurs on their ass. Most likely my 6th grade teacher will end up serving a drink or two to ya.

Oh, he's right about the pours.

Some say it weeps for what it once was:

You can barely make out something on the cornice: 19 E.T. 22

What does that mean? Established? Then why would it be E. T.? If you study the building, you can start to believe it was made in two different phases. Then you study it some more, and you think it might be three.


Like the gas station, you should know what this one was used for:

A little googling called up this page, from which I've taken a detail. Hope they don't mind.



But here's something else that's odd:

The light color brick building obviously wants to be part of the dark-colored building. But it cuts itself in half.

Odd mysteries in Eveleth.

Another bar. They have a lot of bars. The building on the right might have ben a bank; the original had a two-story window, which says "banking hall."

On the left, above the second floor:

Monitor Hall. Built in 1906. "The handsomest building in town."

I tried to remember why I took tis picture, and couldn't. Until . . .

Then I remembered what stood out: they covered up all the old buildings with strange dull wooden facades.

As I said: lots of bars. You started at one . . .

. . . and kept going down the block. Stop at Snickers for pizza, of course.

Finally: if you have something to FAX FAX, hit the blue barn:


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