I find travel writing tiresome and boastful. Other people's travel writing, that is. I mean who cares about where they went or what they did. My travel writing, though, is absolutely essential!

These were originally entries on The Bleat, so I had an excuse for posting them. Saving them here indicates I think they're interesting to anyone beyond the daily audience of the blog. Perhaps I'm right about that!

Well, you're the judge of that, as usual.

Perhaps you'll be interested in the particular focus of these pieces. There's almost nothing about food. Or Special Experiences, like the time we found this perfect Tuscan village and shopped for wine glasses. I'm interested in cities and museums, so there's lots of that.

But of course it's also a record of a family that struck out and went places. If art and cities and memories of your own vacations are interesting, and you like my writing, well, you might like this, particularly if you've exhaused everything else on this site. Thanks for reading!