"No Finer Food Served Anywhere"

You wonder if people agreed with the sentiment right up to the last word.

It was in the Pasadena Shopping Center in St. Petersburg. Wikipedia:

Morrison's Cafeterias was a chain of cafeteria-style restaurants, located in the Southeastern United States with a concentration of locations in Georgia and Florida. Generally found in shopping malls, Morrison's primary competition was Piccadilly Cafeterias. It was particularly popular in Florida, with its high proportion of retirees. At its peak, the company was synonymous with good southern cooking and operated 151 restaurants under the Morrison's name in 13 states.

Later they bought a 15-store outfit called Ruby Tuesday, and it seems that worked out better than they hoped. eh? Except Morrison's is gone, swallowed by a rival, and its spun-off Ruby pays no homage to its parent.