"Closed Tuesdays 2 PM" so the employees can sit in a darkened room and get used to normal color schemes again. The card also notes that it's "recommended by Leading Authorities," without naming any. They might have been referring to Leading Authorities Inc., a complany that provided recommendations to anyone for a small monetary consideration. It also says the place was "Internationally known." Lest you dispute that, here's a patron to set you straight:

"It is internationally known. There is a very famous picture of Robert F. Kennedy leaning out of a limosine shaking hands the day (that picture was on their wall also - I didn't know the importance then) that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Died. He was leaving Mangas Cafeteria. That evening RFK announced to a crowd in Indianapolis that King had been assasinated. The Mangas family was well known in the state of Indiana. Howard Taft also visited Mangas Cafeteria when he was running for president of the United States.

"It was a really nice place. They had greek and roman type busts around the place and art on the walls. The picture is a color enhanced photo. I'm guessing it was taken before WWII. It seems these days that there is a lot of useless sarcasm on the internet."