This was the place to go, and for a lot of people it still is. The website says "not much has changed since 1976," and they're right. This was the height of fern, but also the early days of antique-store-explosion, with all sorts of old rusty stuff hug on the walls for the sake of History.

The website also has this testimonial:

Grandma's is an institution in Duluth and is always a fun experience. I truly do not remember the first time I visited Grandma's but is a place we usually go to when in Duluth. I do not remember ever

And that's it.

Well, I do remember ever, and it looked like this.

As you can tell, there was a certain uniform in those days. No one looks particularly happy about this.

The lady in the last picture seems rather annoyed with all this. Now the police are sure to find her! What rotten luck. She'd made a clean get-away, and now her picture is put on a postcard.