“The restaurant made famous by its waffles, also serving home style cooked luncheons.” Mm-mm, luncheon! Cooked home-style!

The owner also had an amusement park - the back of the card says “VISIT OUR KIDDIELAND ONE BLOCK WEST ON U.S. 30.” This article says it’s well-remembered:

Longtime customers traveling through the region still ask about Sauzer's Kiddieland, which closed in 1994. Frank Sauzer opened the amusement park in 1949, and, later, it was run by his son, Frank Sauzer Jr.

The Waffle Shop, which also was later run by the younger Sauzer, opened in 1943 as a partnership with the Teibel family and closed in 1990 after both families agreed the property be used for other development.

The article says the Teibel restaurant is still around. If they were smart they would have kept the chef's head.