“No finer Food Served . . . Anywhere.”

Recommended by Candler Reese, whoever the hell he was. Okay, googling . . .  well. A Candler Reese Griffin served on the USS Pavlic in the Pacific Theater; probably him, given the unusual name. Other than that, Google is remarkably silent. The card also notes an endorsement from Duncan Hines, who did not suffer Reese’s fate, and remains searchable to this day.

The Brahma was knocked down in the 70s, the web says. It’s a rather clumsy sign, but you have to love how it points one way, and the building points elsewhere.

Automotive historians will no doubt recognize that car. I don't. If it's a Candler 400, I'll die a happy man.

UPDATE: thanks to alert reader, more on the place and its owner here.