This Diner Hunter site says:

By 1960, Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Duff sold the diner to Joseph and Evelyn Allen. In 1963, the Allens opened Duff’s Rebel Restaurant across town. They continued running the two establishments, along with a motel until 1983, when they sold the Rebel Restaurant to Charles and Fong Caldwell. The diner, by that point known as Duff’s Restaurant, continued operation until around 1985. Between 1985, it was occupied by Yam’s Rickshaw Lounge, the Silver Leaf Restaurant, Yam’s Fusion Buffet, Chrisana’s Thai Restaurant and Asian Market, and Dirty Harry’s Sports Bar and Grill. As of 2012, it is operating as the Winchester Diner.

It would seem to be the repository of an endless amounts of hope. Perhaps it's haunted by the ghosts of Union soliders who drive everyone off, just for spite.