DOUMAR'S, Ft. Lauderdale FL



3001 N. Federal. The back of the card says:

The Nation's Most Unusual Drive-Inn Restaurant where you can dine in our colorful Snack Bar, Dining Room, Patio, or in the privacy of your car amid soft music from surrounding palms and gaze at falling water from "Flying Saucers."

It makes one want to weep. But I'm sure whatever replaced it was much better and provided an even more aspirational zeitgeist.

Like a Mexican restaurant with triple-shot Margarita night, perhaps.

UPDATE! A reader writes:

I am currently the overnight desk agent at the Best Western Oakland Park Inn, locacted at 3001 North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Although greatly changed from it's original appearance, Doumar's still stands. I work in it every night.

If you check the google streetview again, the Hotel's office is on the right of the picture; where the snack bar was shown is now the hotel's breakfast room. The blue wall behind the counter is still the kitchen area. The hotel was built in the early 60's about where the picnic area is shown. The front building was expanded several times, but the original roof is still visible from above. The googie Iron beams on the right are still forming the roof over the carport, they are simply covered by a canopy and a knee wall. The beams on the left are, alas, gone: this was expanded into a resturant sometime later, which DID serve excellent marguaritas untill it closed in 2011.