HICK'RY PIT, San Francisco CA


Well, most male pigs would make hogs of themselves, wouldn’t they? It’s a matter of the genetic imperative asserting itself, and hardly seems like an attribute that guarantees any particular quality. But the card abounds with these assertions. We see a pig with a crown and scepter, indicating the presence of a Quisling familiar to BBQ iconography, the pig who shills for the place that serves the flesh of his kin. He casts his lot with the salivating masticating overlords with opposable thumbs, content that they will spare him. We also note that this is the ORIGINAL pit, and its fame extends to the far reaches of the globe. A man could hack his way to the center of the deepest jungle in Africa, proclaim that he’d eaten at the Hick’ry Pit, and the village elder would say “I’ve heard of that. The original one, right?”

Note: They had steaks, in case you’re one of those guys who goes to a Q joint and doesn’t have the Q.