If anything sums up lileks.com, it might be Desi and Lucy selling carpet.

Look at that mid-century style! We love it. Also, we have vague childhood memories of laughing at them, or at least we laughed along when someone said LUCY YOU GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO, and then we never noticed that the reference had fallen out of favor. Also, we know they weren't happy at the end. We know they helped launch Star Trek, in a way. We know from old black-and-white movies that she had a career before she was a redheaded comedienne. We also don't wince when the word "comedienne" is deployed.

If there's one thing perhaps that might bind us all together: this picture doesn't bother us, and we don't need to explain why it doesn't. Affection, foreknowledge, context, forgiveness, and all the other things that help us get our hands around the ghosts and smoke of the past.

Anyway. I have so much stuff. Right now, in the early months of 2019, I'm working on the updates for 2021. Bathrooms through the ages! Justly forgotten newspaper cartoons! Motels and more motels!

Bleat+ provides previews of sites to come every week, from regrettable food to 70s interiors to 80s ads. AND it has legacy content that's been moved off the site, stuff that hasn't seen daylight in a decade. AND there's notes and artwork and other little items from Daughter in Brazil, because 90% of the money donated goes to her college fund.

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