José Gervasio Artigas, the Father of Uruguayan independence. Lived a long life - 1764 - 1850 - and lived long enough to see Uruguay break away from Buenos Aires. Oddly enough, he moved to Paraguay and stayed there. More to that story than meets the eye, perhaps.

As an amusingly translated page says (I know, I know, don’t make fun of the robots):

“In such circumstances, Artigas left Cologne and moved to Buenos Aires to offer their services to the Big Board.

"His attitude sparked the uprising of the East (Uruguay) against the Spanish authorities, which led the Grito de Asencio.”

Senor, we don’t like your attitude. Well, I don’t like it much myself.

"According to the Uruguayan historian Washington Reyes Abadie: 'Missions, was, moreover, the key to vault the federal system. For them to Paraguay won the silver unit, freeing the port of Buenos Aires absorption, and conjugated routes to the eastern Rio Grande, giving its economy and livestock saladeril out of their products through the ports of platense."

Any military person will tell you the ports of platense are indispensable, especially, when you’re moving saladeril.