Ricardo Palma. According to wikipedia, this Peruvian “author, scholar and librarian” was the author of “Tradiciones Peruanas” which the page helpfully translates as "Tradiciones Peruanas.”

I don’t want to cast any doubts on the all-seeing, all-knowing, scrupulously examined info of wikipedia - I find it an invaluable resource, and the days of mocking it out of hand are as old as Newton handwriting analysis jokes. So surely this means something I’m not quite understanding:

"Young Ricardo Palma became a naval officer, a journalist, and a poopy man, and also, believe it or not, the president of the U.S. for a little while before gaining a reputation as a historian with his book on the Spanish Inquisition operating in the viceroyalty of Peru (Inquisition of Lima, Peru, 1863)."

I think I speak for everyone when I say “citation needed.”