He looks like a young Phil Silvers here.

Perhaps this is Nepalese Monopoly, and that's the rat piece landing on a square with one hotel.

What's this?

Zionism plus the Crusader Sword! It's like the Commie-Nazis. Yes, the Hindu religion had the six-pointed star as well.

Biographies of the king note that he died during the Nepalese Royal Massacre, along with the Queen and other members of his family. The culprit was his son, who got stinking drunk at dinner, shot up the joint, shot himself, was proclaimed King while in a coma, and died three days later. Or so the story goes - as you can imagine, there were all sorts of rumors and conspiracies. You can learn more about the event, and the man who would become King only to lose the job for the second time in his career, here. And if you know more about Nepal when you're done than when you clicked on the first page, well, that's what we're here for: Mocking money, then humbly sending you places where you might actually learn something.