Conversation at the Ministry:

Look, I know. I know what I said about the guy. But he was the only one who had photoshop, okay? And he’s my wife’s nephew. I saw some posters he did, and they were okay. This – well, I don’t know what this is about,  either. Hell, I don’t know where to begin. That’s some sort of katydid, or whatever the statue’s called, and I know it looks like she’s riding on a Slinky. That other thing is either a moon with clouds or the lower mandible of a hominid – who knows? Kid does a lot of weed, what can I say. But he said that this was one bill no one would be able to counterfeit, and I think he’s right about that. Even if you could find the same wrapping paper he used, you couldn't bring yourself to make something this ugly. Anyway, we have to get them to the printer yesterday, so let’s just do it and hope we go Euro in a month. Sorry. Next time I'll use my brother. He has MS Paint, but at least he has better clip art.