I cannot deal with your problems now! My head is disappearing into my body. Curse this Turtle Plague which ravages my province!

Later banknotes adopted the three-screen, or “Abel Gance” approach to money design. On the left, the watermark; on the right, the results of letting monkeys drink coffee and play with the Spirograph. In the center, a national hero – in this case Mr. Bernie Rivadavia, the first president of Argentina. His term was short – less than two years – and his record mixed. On one hand, he spent lavishly on civic improvements and founded the U of Buenos Aires; on the other, he was involved in a bond issue so corrupt that half the money vanished into the pockets of the people who set it up. He died in exile imposed by his enemies, and according to Wikipedia, “He asked that his body would never be brought back to Buenos Aires.”

Imagine if George Washingon had been involved in Teapot Dome and died in London, bitter. There’d be a few less portraits of him around, perhaps.