It arrived in a huge compressed file in an internet backwater: hundreds of ACE sci-fi covers. I have no idea who assembled it, but it was sent out into the world to be seen. So let's take look. Rockets! Gals! Scientists! Gal Scientists! BEMs! Robots! You'll see how the future changed before it even got here, or something like that.

As the example on the left shows, many of these covers are in bad shape. I have restored them. Sorry, forget the cliche: I have painstakingly restored them. Pains were taken. Not on the one on the left, though; too much work. I mean, this is a hobby, this site. Fixing unfixable covers would be like painting wood grain on the underside of the railroad ties on your model train set.

I love these covers without exception, because they remind me of the happy dreaming days of youth. I wasn't around when they were first issued, but they'd show up at Dirty Ernie's Secondhand Bookstore, pages yellow, glue gone, pages loose, spine flaked.

They were relics of our elders.

This site now shakes off its hiberation and continues posting through the first half of 2016. Let's begin.