That's what this site is about, and little more. The pictures were taken from industry magazines, and they're not aimed at the consumer. If you wanted to advertise on these stations, you called their reps - companies like Edward Petrie & Co, or Free & Peters.

You might find the occasional reference to the Hoopers. Well, before the Nielsons, there were the Hoopers. Wikipedia:

During the late 1940s the catchphrase "How's your Hooper?" was a well-known allusion to the size of a series' audience.

Never heard the reference in cartoons or movies.

The logos start in 1948, and continue until 1964. There's about 40 pages, and I'll add more as I find them.

Not that it's a burning prirority at the moment, really; I can't imagine anyone will send me angry letters in a year saying NEW CALL SIGN LOGOS WHERE ARE THEY COME ON DUDE. It's just a little piece of broadcasting and design history. Let's begin.