It's a toss-up whether the nation had more Thunderbird Motels or Sands Motels. The first name speaks of ancient legends - or Vegas; the second calls up images of distant islands, palm trees swaying in a tropical breeze. Or Vegas.

Whoever built this one, they put some capital into marketing: those printed matches don't come cheap. I wonder how many people noticed those things, thought the room might be a little more expensive because of touches like this. "Heck, they got their name on the paper bags aroud the drinking glasses, too. As if I'm going to forget where I'm staying between the bathroom and the parking lot. Honey, did you check the sign to see where we're staying? No, but I remember the bag around the drinking glass, and it says Thunderbird, so I think that's where we're bedding down for the night."

As for the address: nowadays that wouldn't be too descriptive. The Four Lane Highway? Oh, that one. But at the time there was only one - Highway 41. Today it looks like a bland empty road, but when you input the address Google shows three men walking down the middle of the road.

Looking for the pool, perhaps.