Sleep by the Sea, Breathe Fresh Air - modest enticements, but unbeatable.

Roberts-at-the- Beach had a few incarnations. A fellow named Charles Grant writing on a BBS said this about the place:

"Founded in 1897 as the "Sea Breeze Inn" at Great Highway and Rivera by Shorty Roberts father(?), it later became "Roberts at the Beach", a popular restaurant, at the same site, which is several blocks from the present Roberts at the Beach on Sloat Blvd. " Apparently the place was known for a famous aquatically inclined horse, Blackie:

"Blackie's swim is chronicled in various places. One is the San Francisco Chronicle October 2, 1938. The horse's swim was memorialized on dinner plates used at the restaurant. A web site that sells historic restaurant table ware has the plate with an excellent photo that can be downloaded. It shows Blackie swimming the Golden Gate, and the restaurant, appearing to be the Sea Breeze.

Sleep by the sea, breathe fresh air, marvel at the occasional swimming horse in the bay.