I think they were talking about something other than Spry. Jenny's covering, fast. Look at what’s going on here, left to right.

First woman: Oh, you want to see my ring? This little old thing? It’s just a chip, really - oh if you insist. As the one in this group that best embodies prevailing social norms of beauty, I guess it’s my duty!

Second from left: Gosh I’m awful happy for you really I am I hope some day I can find a man who will give me one of those too! If only Mother didn’t make me dress like this because flesh is sin

Third from left: Holy hell, Hannah, you got this rock off him? He don’t know about the carney, does he? You and me and the Sawdust Posse? Hah! Well, your secret’s safe with me, honey

Middle: I remember when I was a young bride, before the Railroad stock panic! Now I stab myself with my needle to see the blood, because it’s the only way I know I’m alive.

Far right: I’m so happy for her, she’s such a dear heart. And yet I find myself observing this from a distance, and wishing I had something terribly witty to say about it if I ever found myself at a glamorous nightclub with Garbo and Tallulah.