At this point, you may be wondering: is this a foil book or an Evaporated Milk book? They’re surely big on the milk – described here sarcastically as “cream” – but when they identify a foil by its brand (Kaiser, which was apparently the Hydrox to Reynold’s Oreo) you have to wonder. And note how “Kaiser” is an acceptable brand name by 1959; look for “Fuhrer” brand incandescent bulbs by 2020. Lighting the way! Pity that "hashed" is no longer a popular word; it would be a fine adjective for feeling tired and wiped out. Dude, I am hashed.

Note also the command to "serve at once" - a sure sign that this dish congeals into a carb-heap with grim alacrity. The important thing is to get it on the guests' plates as soon as possible; after that, it's their responsibility.