The world does not need another site that makes fun of comic books; there are many, and they are much more complete and exhaustive than this one. Who cares? It’s the internet. There’s room for all!

The following items were gathered here and there with great affection and nostalgia; I read a million comics as a kid, and still remember the pleasures of finding a new issue at the drugstore. I was, however, a Marvel kid in the early 70s, which was a golden time to be a comics reader. Prior to that, you had an almost infinite  amount of Superman-related crap, bad sci-fi, junky TV-show tie-ins, and the rest of the endless drecktitude.

Covers handles the big garish splashy illustrations that suckered kids into parting wth their coins. Updated every Tuesday - you can find the link at The Bleat. The site has been overhauled for easier reading, with the covers broken down into categories.

Ads is devoted to the cardboard submarines, 120-piece Army Man kids, seed-selling come-ons, salve merchants, shoe and bike ads, and all the other mainstays. The site debuted in November '08, and concluded April '10, with over 250 pages.

Strips is the repository for pre-60s newspaper comics. Special features include Jerry on the Job, and of course Lance Lawson – a late-40s whodunit strip that originated in Minneapolis. Most recent addition: Scoop the Cub Reporter, a 1916 daily strip.

Big Little is an old site about Big Little Books.

Excelsior! Face Forward, True Believer! In the name of Irving Forbush, enjoy! 


January 2018