More utter shite from the childhood-ruination factory known as H-B. Oh, wait, hold on: we must hold their 60s / 70s output in reverence because they entertained late-period boomers, and because some good people worked for the company, and because . . . because they entertained late-period boomers. It’s classic stuff, man!

Gah. It’s tripe. It’s the same damned thing over and over. Here we have a ghost from the past, scared by an ectoplasmic ghost from the colonial period, emerging from an enormous purple clock in an abandoned house that nevertheless has remained unsacked, and also contains three teen archetypes with whom the viewer can sympathize or identify. Of course, they drove a dune buggy - in this case, the "Looney Duney." Of course they solve mysteries.

Note that the kids first reaction to seeing the spirit is to pronounce him funky. Quite an assumption. Also, audience members might have wondered why he was doing the " . . .even!" gag from Snagglepuss, lifted originally from Bert Lahr. Same vocal actor. Why was it reused? Because kids would love it!