"Scoop the Cub Reporter" was written and drawn by Frank Warren “Hop” Hopkins in the early decades of the previous century.

This is Scoop. He's a peculiar sort, as you'll soon see. Don't even try to guess his age.


Here's the other character: The Boss.

The strip debuted in 1912, distributed by Hop's own syndicate. I've no idea how long it ran, but I have 109 strips rescued from Library of Congress copies of an Iowa newspaper. The quality is . . . murky, and I've cleaned them up to look as they may have appeared when Hop finished each strip.

Over the weeks I came to love the strip, and you'll see why. It's very much a period piece, a good look at the mores and slang of the times. I wouldn't say it's great; I can't say it's a classic. But I enjoyed getting to know the artist's work, and I hope you will too.

Let's begin!