If you’re looking for an obsessively complied list of Perry Mason episodes, a merry account of bloopers, a careful study of episode titles, as well as a certified count of the number of times Raymond Burr sharply inhales before beginning a sentence, sorry.

This is merely a series of things taken from various episodes. Interesting shots, period details, clips of actors you may know from other places. It’s not authoritative or authorized or anything of the sort. It’s just my way of passing along some things I noticed.

One other thing: most of these things I noticed while on a plane. That's neither here nor there, but I do recommend Perry Mason episodes for viewing while you're on a flight, assuming you don't have work to do. I like to read, listen to some music - then watch a Mason episode. You always get a good story. You always get a Surprising Conclusion. You always get Perry and Paul and Della and Lt. Tragg. And you get the painting Raymond Burr spent nine years defacing. Supposedly.

But we'll get to that some day. For now, you can see some revealing moments as you meet the Main Cast, here, or go right on to the Guest Stars section, where just about everyone who showed on Star Trek makes an appearance.