This thing. This damnable thing.

When you put in new print cartridges, you have to realign, and that requires printing off this damned thing and telling the printer which lines are best. They can’t work it down to six lines with six options. It has to be this finely detailed so you don’t get the lines or streaks.

So I did it. Entered all the values, and hit submit. The program returned an error message without telling me why. Could’ve been an internet hiccup. Well, do it again, then.

End result: lines. So what do you want me to do? What now? Am I to get out a jeweler’s loupe or perhaps an electron fargin’ microscope and see whether this is actually better than that, and it’ll make all the difference in the world?


Went to a science site for a story on something, and it turned into one off those endless pages that never stops pitchforking the chum into your browser . Infinite krep. Really: never reached the bottom of the page. You get fascinated by the stream of junk, then you get determined to see if there’s a bottom, or whether it will scroll for ever. How many clicks does it take to get to the bottom of this page? The world may never know.

Boy, they're sure making gadgets small these days

  Oh I am certainly intrigued by this tantalizing gif

What strange image is this? A North American Furred Gargoyle pitching woo to an empty shoe? What?

Because it was a TIGER and they heard SCREAMS and the man was DEAD

And what kind of hellish furniture is this?

Do you need chairs at the foot of the bed so you can sit down while taking off your socks? Do you need additional lounging platforms for those times when you want to go to bed, but not the whole bed? I’ll lol about here for a while until I feel as sleep is imminent; good thing there’s a motor that raises this chaise longe, moves it laterally, and places me gently on the bed like someone plating an omelette.

A length of fabric? You shouldn't have!

The worst of TV ads in the days of three channels was best than this endless dreck.

I had some construction shots, but I deleted them by error. Oh no, the historical record will forever be riddled with critical gaps. Anyway, they finished spiffing up an office tower, perhaps because its main tenant decamped for its new HQ. The skyway view of the main atrium is rather spare, as befits the current style.

It used to be a shopping mall with a food court. All of that failed.

When it first opened, it looked like this:

A fountain played from floor to floor, and it had a pneumatic elevator. Mondrian / Russian Constructivist look. No more!

Hey, why not jam some op art on one end?

I like it. Just because I liked the previous incarnation doesn't mean I don't like the refresh. I just wish it had businesses and more vitality.

The lobby for the office tower portion picks up the theme.


I swear, some days it looks as if Tiny had the top of his head removed.

Solution is here.



From an Edmund O'Brian-era Johnny Dollar, it's guess who. At first he doesn't sound like himself, but as usual, that doesn't last.


God love him, but accents weren't his thing. Everyone must have recognized him, right? He was on EVERY. DAMN. SHOW.

This year we're counting down the top hits . . . of 1922.

Some high-charting Jolson.


With a sentimentalist like Al, you fear it may be referring to a dead kid.


Jim, I'm just going to rinse and stack OKAY? OKAY?


Really, you were supposed to take Doans for this? This must have been their last gasp before ceding the market to the new crop of OTC painkillers.




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