Yesterday you saw a picture I promised to explain today. Remember? Don't bother going back, it's not worth it. Might even spoil the joke, if there is a joke

I noted that the picturewas the work of John Brassefort, and you might have googled him and come up empty. For good reason! He’s completely unknown, yet he was one of the most widely viewed artists of his era.

Also, he doesn’t exist. I have no idea why I decided to spend time on this; it involved clippings, resizing, running everything through a program that makes custom art frames, then coming up with explanations, and then oh heck why not a bio. By the end of it I could actually imagine him getting a retrospective in some museum in the 1960s as an unsung hero of modern painting.

WHY DO I DO THIS. I do not know. It's an offshoot of the Permament Collection of Impermanent Art, I suppose - a merry post-Warhol exercise in recontextualization, and boy doesn't that sound like it's going to be a barrel of larfs.

I wanted to add something new to the Institute of Official Cheer. In that sense it’s a throwback site. Whether it’s any good, I can’t say, but it kept me entertained for a few hours. Link at the bottom.




Now, you can go to the new site right away, then come back here, or you can go to the update first.

But hey, I have a recommendation. Do the new site, because it'll loop back here and then you can go to the update. It's the end of the 40s update for this year. (The link goes to a page from last week so you can keep up on the narrative.) Then on to the 60s!

Wait, what about the 50s? Next year. In all its problematic glory.




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