It snowed today. Everyone was surprised. People walked into the break area kitchen and uttered noises of shock and dismay: what? Why?

You wanted to say “who! Where! How!” this being a newspaper, but no. The snow was falling before quitting time, which meant a lengthening of the daily trudge. Then it stopped, and everyone was happy. Except the temps dropped at now it’s 7. I walked the dog at night when it was 4, and reminded halfway around the block that I should have worn a hat. But I know the route, and Birch is fast, so I figured I’d get home before I lost an earlobe.

Repeat: while walking the dog, I realized I’d get home before I lost an earlobe.

Thus concludes the toppermost part of the Worst Bleat Week Ever. Or was that last week? Was this just the most average Bleat Week possible? Shutup, bud, and get to the chaff. It's an utterly rote entry, but such large portions. As the joke goes. You know the joke. If you don't, you haven't missed anything.



Who's up for a pointless architectural wayback moment? I was going through a 1921 magazine aimed at the hat trade (AS ONE DOES, we all say; it's the new HOW COLD WAS IT) And came across this. Or rather these.

No, it's a this. It's not two buildings. Or was it one buiding that built an addition later?

No, it was one building. It's in beautiful shape today.

When I zoomed up to the bird's eye view, hello: I don't know much about HVAC systems, but this looks like a nightmare.



At least it doesn't look like a fire hazard.

The link goes to a charity trying to build a memorial.



In Product news:



It's officially spring now


I forgot to say anything about this last week. I just put it there without comment.

My comment would have been: as if they're not crisp enough already? Is there any moisture in this thing?


In the world of Music:

A few weeks ago i showed you a new apartment building on the site of the old Handicraft annex. It's topped off.

Not the most brilliant contribution to the streetscape. We'll see what it looks like after the cladding's up.


The last week took her to Rio. The photos were interesting, but might I say the least of the batch. Her eye is good, though:

A cheerful place.


There were shots from the Jesus statue, of course, and lots of pictures of old colorful building, but unlike the other cities, I didn't get a sense of place. In an Instagram post she noted that she had lived the plot of the animated movie "Rio" - going from Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro, and having adventure along the way.

I'll try to get permisssion to get some of her private Instagram account photos; her smile is just delightful. The time of her life.

Sigh, though.

How about that? Made it an entire week without mentioning the ongoing fundraiser. Dunning begins again next week, by which time she'll have her message & art for all the contributors.



You might have tried to set this up ahead of time, Lance.

Cross-eyed Lori has it going on, though. Solution here.




We continue the 2019 review of the music at the Blue Note Cafe.


Every show began the same way, at least during its heyday. The theme, a piano glissando down to the melody playing in the background of the bar, and some fourth-wall breaking with Ethelbert the bartender, Caset the Crime Photographer, and Tony Marvin, the shill.






And then this: introducing the Ace Cameraman who's in a City. then a custom cue and a really, really evocative description of the setting.


Again, the belief that the newspaper photographer has an intimate working relationship with Inspector Logan, and will constantly cross him and show him up, thus earning his respect.


This week's second act intro. Question: was it different from last week?


Do you remember what it sounded like last week?

Do you know if the show has a theme at all?

2019 returns to the bins, and the records dumped back into the world when someone dies and the kids give the contents of Mom and Dad's entertainment system to the Goodwill.


Another album by our piano-pounder de luxe. This was an early attempt at mind control by the people who would eventually unveil their project with the name "Google." This one isn't her best, but it is a period piece; listen to that dry bass and those Addams-Family vocals.


Not the honky-tonk est honky-tonk you've ever heard.





Are you smoking with a smile? Stop! Start doing so at once!


That'll do - see you Monday!



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