Something of a jumble today - two unrelated things I cannot jam together into a single, coherent post.

Or . . . can I?

Let's begin with some 1930s Maritime publication cordage ads, as is our wont.



It's a trade publication for industrial shipping, and for some reason they decided to emphasize the stylishness of their ropes.


"But with a product such as a rope, this kind of examination means little."


The taglines aren't consistent, but the ads from month to month had a singular look.



Vases, Dishes, Furs for the ladies. For the menfolk?



Wikipedia has an entry about a tiny building where it all started: "the Tubbs Cordage Company and its rope factory in San Francisco (is) where the first commercial manufacture of rope on the Pacific Coast was accomplished." More history here; they went back to the middle of the previous century.


From the Folder of Things that didn't go anywhere else: some promotional cards sent by a Bleat patron. Thanks! Decloak in the comments, if you like.

Things you need:


Class up the joint, why don't you? There is A BARGAIN FESTIVAL IN THINGS



From things you need to things whose possession demonstrates your wisdom:



Comes with its blurry otherworldly sprite that hovers in the room, visible in the corner of your eye for just a second.


I did my best to isolate and reform the magazines. I can't find any magazine named LIVING.

The other magazine? The last word seems to be SPACE, which makes you think it's a futuristic tree house.




Pregent, whoever they were, did not anticipate a world in which every attempt to learn something about the store resulted in news about reproduction.






The light-wood modern look. It's sturdy!



Here's your gracious living addition for the month:



Boy, that's an underwhelming addition. What can I do to make up for it? Which substandard site that doesn't deserve to join the rolls of the weekly updates will I dump on you now?

Okay, here's something. Hotel stationery!

Stop, come back. Okay, how about . . . hotel soap?




Sorry for this one. Here's something old that's also somewhat new: the labels page has been redesigned, with copy added. There will be 20 more coming eventually. See you tomorrow!





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