Blame Apple. First Soundtrack, then Garageband - these easy audio edit programs were just begging for abuse. Sci-Fi Sample Project tunes are made from the finest premade loops, seasoned with audio clips from old radio and TV shows, stuffed with filler and uploaded direct & fresh to you.

The "Original Music" section contains songs I wrote and played. Most of the beats were taken from Garageband, but everything else was played by your host.

Enjoy. And apologies in advance.





Sports Show intro. Any chance I can get to play the guitar for work, I'll take. It's supposed to be mock-Rocky-like.





Who Are They? Jingle for a promo at the newspaper introducing the new columnists. At the end I spell out their names - Tevlin, Rosenblum - then the music says "Star Tribune dot com."



The Fair, 2010. Soundtrack for a work video wrapping up the Minnesota State Fair. The video can be seen here, if you like.




The Fair, 2007. Same venue, same subject, but an earlier attempt at that "bittersweet end of summer" mood. Video is here.


Creampuff Symphony. I was asked to do background music for a rather long video about making creampuffs. One of those music-by-the-yard commissions, hence the padding and repetition; it's meant to saw away in the background. I also had about two hours to do it.

I do like the part around 2:10 - though.


Heading to Eden. Soundtrack for a hyperlapse about the drive from my house to Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The obvious musical clip I used wasn't the proper key, but no one watched it, so it didn't matter.

I like the way the brass bottoms out in this one.