These are Garageband compositions. The only samples are the beats. Basic USB-attached keyboard with really, really crappy action, and a Strat hooked up to a small amp.




Happy Robot (Uniblab Mix) Childhood memories finally purged. The only song of mine ever played on the radio. Really!





Staccato Manana. All I can do is copy; this is proof. The repeating piano phrase coming in and out is stolen from Harold Budd; the guitar (my own seafoam-green Stratocaster!) is swiped from Angelo Badalamenti soundtracks.



Rain Rolls In. End of the summer; had the keyboard out and the window open as a thunderstorm approached. This was intended as a direct steal - er, homage - to the Eno / Lanois "Apollo" album.




The Dervish. Someone asked if I'd been sued by Rick Wakeman for this. I have no idea why I did this or what I was thinking; I just like the drums. You'll know which ones I mean. They happen twice. (That was not a preset; i did that with my own fingers.)


Orchestral Maneouvers in the Bush. Well, that “South African Choir” patch is just too tempting. Obviously you have to add kalimba. The title comes from some elements that sounded like early OMD to me. Perhaps not to you.


The News, Again Being an elegy for another day of bad news from somewhere else.