Dead now, all dead. I mean Sears! Sears is dead. I'm sure the kids are fine, but that "new century" didn't go so well for the company.

You know what the art director is attempting here, but it really looks as if Daddy turned on the gas or gave everyone Special Sleepy Cocoa before he slipped out of town or did away with them all. The toy on the right certainly seems alarmed by something.

1986 certainly qualifies as High Eighties, the era in which the styles and cultural themes reached their apogee. It would all start to fall apart by '89, when we seemed itchy to get on with the 90s. We had no such feelings in 1979, and were full of foreboding. Thanks Orwell.

But 1984 had come and gone, and you know what? Things were pretty good. I know I'm reconning my entire twenties, but the 80s were. . . well, awesome. As they said. And still do.