It's still going, down in Florida. The Carousel of Progress is still going around and around - well, the audience is, anyway - and the song still plays several dozen times a day.

As for Progress itself, we're used to it. Lots of it. Every day. Incremental, yes, but constant and ongoing. The idea that a single thing or idea could land and change everything, and symbolize Mankind's inexorable upward march - well, it seems as outdated as the word "mankind." Even the term "Progressland" seems archaic and chunky. Why, even the art is offensive - is that man taking credit for the marvels he's about to show his Wife? Could she not find them without him?

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS WRONG but of course we can look at it now and laugh because we know everything.

All I have is this small brochure, but it'll give you an idea.