It's wartime. The audience hopes not only for victory, but a new world, a better one. A place where machines are instruments of leisure and success, not toil and destruction. A push-button world where Electronic Brains in warehouses a mile long will calculate how much food the nation will need, and dispatch the robotic tractors.

A world, in short, where there will be more time for drinking.

Who's coming up with these ideas? Who's arranging the table to accomodate the world that will rise after the Axis-Smashing concludes? Drinkers of Canadian Whiskey, that's who. They sit around drinking the stuff all day, planning.

Here are some of their ideas. We start not with the Highway of the Future but the Farmer of the Future. He can "till his acres by remote control, directing his mechanized equipment as easily s tuning a radio." Big crop yields "may no longer depend upon Farm labor shortages when the wonders of electrical science are the 'hired men' of tomorrow."

That's how it turned out, more or less - you can set your tractor to follow the GPS signals, and sit back and let her steer itself.