Just a few things I made for the site, or my own amusement, or for work. A few were edited on deadline; a few were edited on the plane, or in a car.

The old buzz.mn archive, which is interesting only to completists will be up by March.

-- Lileks 01.03.14

  The Moonscape of South Dakota.
Bird Pron with Dave Barry! Part 1. Part 2
  Two "journalists" at the Democratic National Convention.
  LA Hotel: not haunted. No, not at all.
  The Fair at Twilight.
  The Fair, also at Twilight.
  The Fair - I should note, at Twilight.
  Mpls to Denver.
  Phoenix to Mpls.
  The old road in fall; ends in Fargo.
  Heading to Fargo in a good mood.
  Beautiful metal.
  Ten short Fair films.
Fair 2007: Twilight   The first late-summer elegy.
Fair 2010: Midway   Another!
  Dare I say: another.
Old Bleat movies
  A few tiny relics. (Coming later 2014)