Behold, the hip & with-it mod 60s commercial! A few years later:

Desperate to make the company more successful and profitable, Johnson created other concepts, such as HoJos Campgrounds and 3 Penny Inns for lodging, as well as Deli Baker Ice Cream Maker, Chatt's, and Bumbershoot's.

Marriott was more interested in the motor lodges than the restaurants. While all of the company-owned and -franchised motor lodges remained untouched, Marriott quickly took all of the company-owned restaurants and had them either demolished or converted into other restaurant chains.

All of these concepts failed, furthering the company's demise.

They never made it to the space station. If you'd like to see a map of thier Florida operations without leaving the comfort of this site, click here; otherwise, proceed on to other, non-orange vistas.