No. Of course not. The previous picture lied. There weren't any groves of trees; this was Hennepin Avenue, gritty and bustling, muddy and loud. As was the West: it was a style called "Queen Anne," but it lacked regal self-possession when blown up to this scale. The bottom five floors roll around, protruding and retreating, sticking out dormers and underlining them with heavy white balconies - then the next two floors sit on the boiling mixture like a pot lid. The top floor is busy but ordered.

As with many styles of the late 19th century, we associate this with failure, emptiness, vagrancy and urban decline, because buildings like this always ended up full of people who pee in the stairwells. Most were knocked down before they could be reappreciated and rehabbed. The West was no different. Or was it?