A bit more like it. The roof garden is gone, replaced by an imaginary flag. They’ve admitted that the building is flanked by other structures, including the confused but still charming structure on the right.

As for the wing on the left - well. When I first put this site up many years ago, I was convinced that the Dyckman was a Hotel of Lies – its postcards fudged the truth, as they all do, but the Dyckman put out the most spectacularly misleading card I’ve ever seen. When I first saw this card, I thought the Dyckman had done it again – why, they’d added a wing. No such wing ever existed. Shameless!

Then I counted the windows. Turns out this card came before the one on the previous page. I’ve since confirmed this with other sources – by which I mean pictures on the internet – but I don’t know why they didn’t build the wing on the side all the way up. In any case, they got around it eventually. Next: what it really looked like.