Down it went on schedule, picked apart by indifferent machinery. Coming in close proximity to the destruction of the Conservatory, it made you feel as if downtown was really on the rise - but I remember at the time thinking “that’s the last one.” The last skyscraper, that is. I was right and wrong: while office tower construction stopped, a residential boom would fill up downtown on the margins, and eventually in the heart of the city itself.

But that was a while a way.

I wonder if anyone remembers this thing. It had such a short life, had such a suburban design, was such an affront to the rest of the street - it’s like we blotted it out right away. But you’ll note the skyways: this meant that the traffic patterns of numberless pedestrians could be changed come winter. No more nice cozy stroll to City Center for restaurants or a pack of smokes.

Down to the street for the duration.