It sounds like some sort of multi-legged spybot: the Millecam. And the name of the town  sounds like a sin: Vernal. Or your wife’s cousin from Georgia: Vernal. The card does not suggest untrammeled fun will follow a trip to this fine city:

“Enjoy a swim at Vernal Junior Chamber of Commerce’s new modern Swimming Pool.” Okay . . . so the motel doesn’t have a pool. You have to swim at the town pool. And it was built not by the Chamber of Commerce, but the JUNIOR Chamber. Great. Probably no deeper than three feet.

“Visit Utah Field House of Natural History - Dinosaur National Monument. Greatest primitive area of the west of Vernal.”

That certainly narrows it down.

The motel later changed names to the Dine-A-Ville Motel, and if you're wondering whether that involved the construction of an enormous pink reptile, the answer is Yes.