WORLD MOTEL, Salt Lake City UT


Wow: not everyone in class mastered perspective, I guess.

The World was obviously built in stages; on the left, the old homey section with the nice home-like roof; to the right, the new modern flat wing, stretching far into the distance, with its very own radio tower broadcasting the virtues of the WORLD to, well, the World. It also had cars in three approved hues hanging on the motel like suckling piglets.) In the back, the enormous high-rise, complete with a scale-model Kennedy center in the back. Plus mountains!

I doubted that it ever existed, really; there's no sign of it now. But a little research - using the helpful term TEOGRA, from the restaurant's name - indicated that it not only existed, the 130-foot pylon was a landmark for its time. It was closed and demolished in 1989. And I was right about it being built in stages: the 1960 wing, then a 1979 addition.

The Tanner company bought it . . . for a parking lot.