Or, as they seemed to want the place to be know, the LODGE sherwoood

It was okay in 2007; Google hasn't been around since.

Two blocks from downtown, and "Home of the Black Hills Passion Play." It was also a member of the American Motor Hotel Association, which had a logo. And amMember of Friendship Inns, which was a chain in the loosest sense. It was swallowed by the merger that created Choice Hotels, a brand that has no meaning to me at all.

They did something to the brick around the poles that held up the pointless, but stylish, awning. The phone booth is gone because no one uses phone booths anymore.

A reviewer said: "What I liked most were the little chairs outside my room. You could sit and watch the bikers come and go." He was in the area for the Sturgis rally in 2010. Wonder if he saw my father go past on his Harley.