Oh yes, that's an improvement. All around. "Microwave and Fridge," says the sign, suggesting that the guy in the next room has been there a while.

One review from three years ago: "Terrible stay. No heat in room COLD. Rude at the front desk." Front-desk rudeness seems to be a constant theme in unhappy motel reviews. All these managers and employees who think they're doing you a favor.

A recent review, on TripAdvisor:

Continental breakfast is a joke and the management was super hesitant to let me check out an hour late after my graduation ("OK, but you one minute late and you get fee!"). Then when I checked out, they told me to give them a "5 star review" - ha.

The owner of the motel is right there in the comments, apologzing for the staff and promising to do better next time. Have to give him or her credit for that.