In lovely Grand Forks, a town notable for having its downtown burst into flames during a flood, the ol’ Frontier, at Highway 8 and 7th av. South. Gone now. Not hard to see why; it looks like it was left over from the territorial days. A fort that lost the ground floor. Says the back:

Hi Norman

In Grand Forks North Dakota last night. Drove from Duluth to International Falls and along north and west sides of Minn yesterday. No falls at International but it rained hard.

Love, Lee.

That’s not a small drive; no big interstates along that route. One small town every 15 miles with a sign that said the Lions met Tuesday, and a single swaying yellow traffic light on wires over the intersection. And then this as your final destination.

Something no one thinks about any more: whether the owner lives on the premises. Really gives all these places a litlte Bates-Motel vibe, when you think about it. Nothing about this place says "underground connecting passages leading to an incinerator and sound-proof murder room." Except for EVERYTHING ABOUT IT