"Jackson Mississippi's Newest and Most Modern Motel," the card says, and indeed it boasts a range of amenities - 24-hour switchboard, a restaurant, conference facilties, phones . . . a pool . . . did we mention the 24 hour switchboard? The finest feature, however, was the sign, which appears to be an inverted version of the Holiday Inn Great Sign.

This card was mailed in 1964 to Mrs. H. K. Pals from Amy and Lou:

Dear Mother, we feel lucky to get a room here since there is a Teacher's convention in town. We stopped to see Wilma yesterday - stayed in St. Louis last night + drove over 500 miles to get here. We can make New Orleans easily tomorrow. We said sail Friday 5:00 PM. Shrubs are all in bloom here + daffodils are everywhere.

The rooms, incidentally, were covered with ceramic tile, meaning that every single word, every clink of the beer bottle on the table would be amplified a hundred times.